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Frequently Asked Questions for Restaurant Owners
  • How do I get order from your customers? What are my benefits?
    Once our customer placed the takeout or delivery order at Rmeals.com, the order e-mail is generated and sent to the restaurant via e-mail , fax, our internet page (http://www.Rmeals.com/owner/today_orders.aspx) The attached cell phone if any may beep when a new order comes in or there is a change in the order.
    http://yourrestaurant.Rmeals.com will take the customer to your menu directly.

  • How much does that cost to me?
    There is absolutely no fee to join as a Rmeals.com order vendor. If there is an order placed through Rmeals.com, You have all the facilities such as manage the menu, look at the individual order, report and etc.,
    There are three options, either monthly Subscription, semi-annually subscription or percentage of sale order, to join www.rmeals.com as the vendor.

    1. Subscription fee $39.95 per month. OR

    2. Subscription fee $200 for every 6 months. OR

    3. Service charge of 10% of the sale order through Rmeals.com.

  • How do the customers choose my restaurant?
    If you have your own website, then we can assist you to leave a link (ex. http://xyz.Rmeals.com) at your site. The customer will go to your restuarant directly on clicking the link from your website. Pl. check one of our vendor at http://www.redbowlcary.com .

    And also, customer comes to Rmeals.com and punching their zip code to see the list of participating restaurants in that zipcode. They may choose your restaurant to see your menu and order their choice from your customizable menu and place the order right at the website. We will handover the order to you by phone, fax, e-mail, internet and etc.,

  • Do I need internet to use the service?
    No. If you do not have internet, you can get the order via fax. We will help you to setup the internet at your restaurant if you like.

  • Do I have to collect money from the customers?
    Yes. You are responsible to collect money from the customers. We do not charge anything to the customer any.

  • I do not have any delivery people or mechanism. Can I still participate with Rmeals.com ?
    Yes you can participate as takeout only vendor. We will try to arrange taxi service in your area to do the external delivery if you prefer.

  • How do I enter my restaurant's menu?
    Rmeals.com provides an easy way to maintain your menu in the system. There will be an admin section for your restaurant. You can alter the menu whenever it is needed. It is very intuitive to add, update or remove menu/special items everyday.

  • How do you calculate delivery charge on our behalf?
    Rmeals.com calculates distance between your restaurant and the delivery address automatically and hence the delivery charge. However, you dictate how much you want to charge for each mile. You can choose to limit your service to the areas that you are comfortable delivering. Delivery option is only available for the customers who are within the radius of your restaurant that you specify.

  • I have a website for my restaurant. Can i choose to use your service on my website itself?
    Yes. We will send you a line of code to put it on your website. thats it. your website is ready to accept the online order. Customer will stay at your restaurant's website for the entire order lifecycle. It provides classy way to accept online order from your website itself. We can customize to blend it with your website look and feel.

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